I had the pleasure of working with the AOC to help design the official supporter and national federation ranges for the 2020 Olympic Games. Our point of difference was to customise each event then brand & produce a range from each of the events. For e.g. if you are a fan of the Archery you could purchase items from the swimming apparel collection. Each collection consisted of a t-shirt, polo, puffer vest, hoodie, performance long-sleeve and cap.

On- top of this were two other ranges, the AOC supporter and the AOC Launch ranges. The AOC supporter consisted of generic branded apparel in a wider range of colours and styles. Sticking to the same apparel items as the National Federation range.

The AOC launch range was small range of 2 x t-shirts, reversible bucket hat and visor. This was used to promote the launch of the games and be used for promotional events.